1 Binary

What is a Computer?

Open a new powerpoint slide in the first slide summarise the main points of this video (5 max)

To understand a little about how computers work, you'll need to know about binary

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Learn It

    Badge It - Silver

    • To get you Silver Badge convert the following numbers from binary to denary & complete the table on the second slide in your powerpoint presenation
      • 1001, 1100, 10001, 10101, 1111101, 11001010

Badge It - Gold

  • To get your Gold Badge convert the following numbers from denary to binary + the table below & do something you should never do ever again...explain a joke
    • 9, 22, 45, 125, 201, 254, 300
    • Why do some people find this funny "There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t

Badge It - Platinum

  • Adding binary numbers is pretty much the same as adding denary numbers.