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A collection of links and resources that I have personally found very useful.


Dash, by General Assembly is my favorite of the list. A super resource able to teach the fundamentals so easily and how quickly you can start building awesome projects. You begin by building a simple personal website and can advance through building a full on responsive website. Their step by step teaching process is easy to understand and has a good pace.


I'm a self confessed Udemy addict so many great courses - and if you get on their email list after a while many great reductions all the courses I've taken have been for only $10

Eraze All Kittens

E.A.K. teaches code using 'stealth learning' - our goal is to provide learners with their first steps towards digital literacy in the most entertaining way possible. By changing the source code of the levels - written in HTML and CSS, just like a web page - players must rescue kittens to complete the game.


There are other excellent more obvious resources e.g. Code Academy/ W3Schools (excellent) and the Khan Academy that all do a great job of teaching HTML & CSS + tonnes of others too many to mention here.

Sphero Lesson Plan PDFs

Lesson plans that have been now withdrawn by Sphero as they want to charge money for their SPRK version which now comes with these lessons

Video Tutorials on using MacroLab

Excellent guide to using MacroLab to create repeatable programs and macros for the Sphero. Shows how to arrange commands and settings in any combination you choose to let Sphero drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, and more, all while learning basic programming.

KS2 Scheme of Work

A scheme of work from Dr Chips. Included are modelled examples of code to teach each of the concepts and 'Coding Challenges' with solutions so pupils can practise application of their coding skills and knowledge. The scheme finishes with the choice of a final projects whereby pupils either code an 'Adventure Quest' game or bring a computer to life using code to simulate 'Artificial Intelligence!'

KS2 Scheme of Work

A scheme of work from Phil Bagge.

KS2 Scheme of Work

A scheme of work from Simon Haughton a children's guide to programming in Python 2.7.5, Designed for the Uk primary computing curriculum.

Scheme of Work Game Creation in Kodu Game Lab

Niki Cooper has done some great work in teaching with Kodi and is know as the"Queen of Kodu"

Videos from Nikki

Video tutorials from Niki Cooper

Kodu Community

A great place to build play and share games as well as find out the latest updates and resources.

Links from Gorseland Primary School

Some excellent resources aimed at Primary Schools

A series of simple lessons from Simon Haughton

Nicely paced lesson for Primary aged kids

A range of videos explaing how to do all sorts of things in Logo

Nicely paced lesson for Primary aged kids

Computer Programming Fundamentals in Logo

Excellent explanation of Computational Concepts via Logo

Google Tutorials on Scratch

A super set of resources from Google including -videos that can be downloaded in Chrome (just right click and save as) as well as starter projects from beginner to more advanced. 10/10

Getting Started

This step-by-step beginners guide (PDF) provides an easy introduction to Scratch.

Scratch Ed

'Learn, Share and Connect' with other educators. The official Scratch community for educators to share resources, experiences, have discussions and to connect with one another.

Scratch Cards

'Learn, Share and Connect' with other educators. The official Scratch community for educators to share resources, experiences, have discussions and to connect with one another.

Learn Scratch

A series of video tutorials from academics, students and staff members of the La Salle Schools and Universities.

Scratch Sensor Boards

A super set of resources from Warwick University including a set of worksheets to build and calibrate sensors for the Scratch Sensor Board (Picoboard).

Sonic Pi Lessons

This scheme of work is specifically targeted towards introductory KS3 Computer Science. It has been developed in harmony with the new Computing curriculum in the UK. The scheme of work is the result of a close collaboration between Computing and ICT teachers and researchers at the University of Cambridge. It has been successfully trialled at a number of schools.

10 Great Videos

Highly recommended straight forward and fun the perfect start.